Keeping your minds introspective

Introspective Minds is a hip hop collective that originated as a beat crew in ATL and eventually expanded it's wings to include a few emcees(myself included).

The production crew dropped a beat tape recently that is very very decent. Check it out right here and download it if you feelin it.


Work In Progress

I've been a lil tight lately because I don't have my equipment here to record. So (this may not be a good idea) I'm gonna just post the lyrics to get it outta my system for now.

In a power play metropolis crippled by it's own darkness
eyes wander, the sky is black, a desolate design
hesitating i step, stagger on metal plates
disintegrated unrecognizable metal shapes lay among the ruins of classical hierarchies
Atlantean Thoth sparked me, a marquee
i shine among fiends, the Allogenes
to walk free and bear the burden of the ronin, number 14
subliminal general, mining mineral minds of iron
and witness the fire on the bird's wings flyin up above
survival casts shadows over love
the game ain't the same through the veins like a drug
most of us that remain may be going insane from the hunger pains,
holocaust strains, nothin to nourish polypeptide chained organic multicell organisms
inshallah seek solutions to destroy a system of rich imitated
just sayin we made it is sick
a truth famine, beggars choosin the bliss
in these last days i examine these culture pathways
tracks blaze through destruction of future consumption

I appreciate you checkin this out.


Even The Best of Us...

It would seem that a person's most memorable attributes become the ones that define them. If the bad you do in life weighs heavier on others than the good, you will be poorly remembered. If the good weighs heavier than the bad you will be lauded in memory. It is up to you to take responsibility to make sure that the evil you contribute to the world is minor in comparison to the good. This makes your evil forgivable, this is your redemption, it is as simple as that.

...How to become "Mad Decent".



I think I can speak for most black males into action flicks when I say that I have been waiting a long ass time for a good martial arts movie starring black characters telling a story that speaks to our history in the diaspora. As a Capoeirista, I am extremely excited to see a movie that features Capoeira in a more historical sense rather than something practiced by Lean On Me rejects and Miami street gangs (Only The Strong).
This looks very dope.

~carry on~


One chapter ends...

...And another begins.

Moving from Charlotte to Greenville, NC~ Two years ago this month, it was my goal to leave NC for good two years from that point but it seems that there is always some new thing that keeps me here or brings me back. I don't need to tell you what happened as you can probably guess. ~Economy>Employment Stranglehold>Job Loss>Present Day~ I wonder sometimes if I am meant to be here for some purpose that has not been revealed to me yet. Or maybe...I am just not pushing the right buttons to get out. I am all about the "Just go" philosophy but it is not always practical. I do not obsessively seek stability, however, it is necessary to find a balance between the two poles...especially when you don't have a safety net.

-These are my thoughts on the day that I am moving. When I post next it will be from a small city in eastern North Carolina.

~Carry on~


4our a.m. Frustration

When you are trying to create your own path there will not be a road to follow and this can be extremely rough. Sometimes you may feel that what you thought was your destiny is not and what you thought was your road is not. You must push on because even what you may see as failure IS a destiny and even in that, if done right, there is triumph to gain. This is from me to me but maybe you could use it too.



Take Back Your Eye

In life there are things you do and things you should not do. The choice between these things is up to you. However, once you have committed to some action being not of you, not right or something that you will not do you enter into a pact with the universe. From this point forward, life will hold you to your word. When you go against this commitment you are punished in some way. You are punished because you made a commitment to yourself and broke that, no matter how valid your reasoning. Sometimes you are punished directly and sometimes the punishment comes in the form of negative feelings that you carry. These negative feelings indirectly create a chain of events that will end with some unhappiness. This too is a form of punishment. Over the last two years I have done many things I had formerly resigned not to do. Call it victim of circumstance or a lapse in self control, either way I have committed small crimes against myself and I have paid for them...some I am still paying for.

Take a moment to review your personal experiences to develop examples for yourself.

I write this in hopes that you can relate because as I write this and you read it I am reclaiming the intent to regain my lost stronghold...my self(the decision to do). I am reclaiming it from circumstances that caused me to lose it, I am reclaiming it from defeats, depressions, recessions, etc. I hope that as you read this you will review what you have lost and resign to reclaim it as well. If you have not lost anything because you haven't gained that ground yet, this is also for you. It is time to make yourself better...a person worthy of being a model to others not because of what you have but because of who you are.



Meesh shot me!

I tagged along with my home girl, Meesh, a few weeks ago while she was taking some shots and while out she snapped a few of me. I always like Meesh's work so I figured I would post them because I think they are mad decent and I think her work is as well. Check her out at:

I had fun...



Baby, Don't Sleep.

Walking through a field on her journey home,
she fell asleep amongst the flowers;
the sweet scent of her surroundings intoxicating her.
She laid down to enjoy the moment.
A moment of pleasure where what she loathed seemed so far behind,
Her dreams lay just ahead and what she wanted was all around.
She laid down and she fell asleep.
She slept with the idea that nothing would change
as time passed and her feet ceased to move forward.
But time would pass because no thing ever lasts...
And she would awake to find that what she loathed had caught her,
what she had dreamt of was far beyond sight and
what she wanted she could not have.
Her field of dreams and satisfaction had become the stage of her downfall.

There is a moral

Available at mafmaddix.com