"I knowledged you.
There's no love there, it's all fake.
Attached to something you can't take so you hate.
                 Eyes saw the signs as the time passed by like fate.
                       The dreams expired  
                  now I'm awake."


Consequence of the casual

If you are to fail...let it be because what you did didn't work and never because you didn't work hard enough. Let it be from things outside of your control so that you may live with a clean conscience. In short, always try your hardest in what you do.  Life is a short joke with a long punchline, so tell it well.
~ "Either write something worth reading about or do something worth writing about."~

With that being said...here is a small Maf Maddix news update:

- New album "Black Nationalist Porn" co-released with Dread Mighty Sine is in post production.  We are working on marketing and finishing up a few loose ends.  It should be available sooner than later and it should be a banger. 

- April 6th is my born day.  Wish Maf Maddix Happy birthday and show your love by copping the album if you don't already have a copy from www.mafmaddix.com 

- April 16th - 18th I will be in NYC shooting the video for my upcoming single off of the BNP album.

-April 17th Maf Maddix + Luse Kanz = N'dangR Species will be performing at Public Assembly in Brooklyn, NYC  (more details on this show to come)

-April 22nd Maf Maddix + Luse Kanz will be performing at The Milestone in Charlotte, NC with Quantum Foundry and Mr. Invisible. (link to download a free preview sampler)

The flow feels nostalgic but the lyrics are futuristic...I like the way you movin...let's rise.  



The Grocery Store

It's like going to the grocery store on an empty stomach. Suddenly you want things that under normal circumstances you wouldn't want. You find things appetizing that you normally would not. Your are pushed to this point where animalistic survival seems to overwhelm your higher thoughts of selectiveness and judgement.

This is life and all things in it.  We all have our list of things that make us happy. It starts from basic needs that all humans share and then grows when you factor in the needs of a particular personality. When you lack something in any certain aspect of your life you have a hole. You begin to try and fill it. Because most people do not analyze their own thoughts feelings and actions thoroughly, we end up trying to fill this hole of dissatisfaction with the wrong things. (ex. trying to fill the "security" or "love" space with sex). We have to try and remember what it is we are here for even though we are hungry and just want something to eat.


before you go to the "store"...make sure you have a list of what you need and make sure you eat something first.


Words not to live by

Main Entry: driven

(People are sheep...cattle...etc.)

Function: adjective

Date: 1925

1 : having a compulsive or urgent quality driven sense of obligation
2 : propelled or motivated by something —used in combination;driven by the group decision;
Synonyms:  motivated, impelled, compulsive, obsessed, compelled, consumed, galvanized, possesed, monomaniacal, herded, pushed, guided, steered, directed, induced, urged on, forced, ambitious.

-I think many of us can agree that society praises some characteristics that are not necessarily positive. "Driven" is one of those characteristics. It is often praised in popular culture as something that YOU need. I am not convinced that this is so good. I mean, when you are dealing with only personal goal accomplishment, no question. But, even steroids has its uses...the side effects are the problem. I'm not all the way against it. Some might even describe me as "driven"...others, maybe not.  I just wanted to call your attention to how things we take for granted can be slipped by the gates of thought.

*In case you did not figure it out, the 1st definition of "driven" is the one you want to be...not the 2nd.
Keep those eyes and ears wide open.  True control is shrouded


Non Jive Progression

When surrounded by distress, take steps an look around 'til you're surrounded by success.
Stay on the move but don't expect to move mountains, it's more possible for you to move around them.


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