One chapter ends...

...And another begins.

Moving from Charlotte to Greenville, NC~ Two years ago this month, it was my goal to leave NC for good two years from that point but it seems that there is always some new thing that keeps me here or brings me back. I don't need to tell you what happened as you can probably guess. ~Economy>Employment Stranglehold>Job Loss>Present Day~ I wonder sometimes if I am meant to be here for some purpose that has not been revealed to me yet. Or maybe...I am just not pushing the right buttons to get out. I am all about the "Just go" philosophy but it is not always practical. I do not obsessively seek stability, however, it is necessary to find a balance between the two poles...especially when you don't have a safety net.

-These are my thoughts on the day that I am moving. When I post next it will be from a small city in eastern North Carolina.

~Carry on~


  1. I will miss you like crazy...but see you later. I appreciate the paths that you have helped me to create. Thank you so much. You know the reasons why.

  2. we never know what our future holds.. ride the wave and hang loose.

  3. All will be revealed. Stay strong friend.

  4. i understand you completely! be strong and have faith... God has a purpose and a plan for everything in our lives. i am from coastal nc... you will grow to love it.

  5. Sometimes these things happen to propel us further into what we are supposed to do whether a stepping stone or an ultimate goal because otherwise, we would never "move". It usually happens to those who are stubborn and those who always seem to choose the harder path in life when learning.

  6. I definitely feel you on this, honeyB. Well said...


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