Work In Progress

I've been a lil tight lately because I don't have my equipment here to record. So (this may not be a good idea) I'm gonna just post the lyrics to get it outta my system for now.

In a power play metropolis crippled by it's own darkness
eyes wander, the sky is black, a desolate design
hesitating i step, stagger on metal plates
disintegrated unrecognizable metal shapes lay among the ruins of classical hierarchies
Atlantean Thoth sparked me, a marquee
i shine among fiends, the Allogenes
to walk free and bear the burden of the ronin, number 14
subliminal general, mining mineral minds of iron
and witness the fire on the bird's wings flyin up above
survival casts shadows over love
the game ain't the same through the veins like a drug
most of us that remain may be going insane from the hunger pains,
holocaust strains, nothin to nourish polypeptide chained organic multicell organisms
inshallah seek solutions to destroy a system of rich imitated
just sayin we made it is sick
a truth famine, beggars choosin the bliss
in these last days i examine these culture pathways
tracks blaze through destruction of future consumption

I appreciate you checkin this out.


  1. is the name of this sunny greenville? Or shiny shackles? =)

  2. lol...none of the above. Thanks for the suggestions though.


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