"Shadow face
Blowing smoke and talking wind
Lost my grip
Fell too far to start again
A sudden snake
Found my shape and tells the world
Remember this
Remember everything is just black
Or burning sun

And I hope it’s a sweet ride
Sleep tight for me
Sleep tight for me I’m gone

"Tighter & Tighter"

Warm and sweet
Swinging from a windows ledge
Tight and deep
One last sin before I’m dead
A sucking holy wind
Will take me from this bed tonight
And bloody wits
Another hits me and I have to say goodbye

Sleep tight for me
Sleep tight for me I’m gone

And I hope it’s a sweet ride
Here for me tonight
‘Cause I feel I’m going
Feel I’m slowing down" -Soundgarden

Next time...


Fukda Future

The Problem with foretelling and foresight is:

-the human mind works from experience piecing 1st and 2nd hand experiences together to create understanding of the present.

-without experience, how can you expect to understand the future?

So knowing the future is kind of like reading the ending to a book you haven't read. While you may know who dies and who gets the girl but you don't know who "who" is, nor do you understand the purpose of the events you just read. You essentially would have to figure out the meaning of the future that you envisioned every time. Therefore it is still possible to get it wrong.

In conclusion...you may see the future but you DON'T KNOW SHIT.

I bet that superpower is more trouble than it's worth.

think about that...

(it's 3am and i'm unemployed...this is what i'm thinking about? Superheroes and their problems)



"Yes I want back the picture
that hangs on your wall
For where once the sun rose
now night falls
Some may say
oh what a blue sky in sight
Well now out of the distance
I see lightning strike
I will never hide them, hide them all
I could never fear them, fear them all
Oh but there shall come a new light
shining in this here dark life
For the Most High
dwells with man tonight"

Picture On The Wall
(click image for full size)

"I want to run,
want to hide,
want to drift away...
Beyond these bombs,
beyond these walls,
Beyond these hypocrites
Oh, but I will never right them,
right them all...
I could never
fear them
fear them all...
Oh but there shall come a new light
shinning in this here dark life
For the Most High dwells with I tonight"

Until next time,

Be at ease


A Divine Wind

In this situation, the exit seems as difficult to maneuver through as the shit you are already in. You look around and know where you should go but feel like making your escape may be the wrong move even though staying in place seems equally hazardous. I have been there. Sometimes I am there again... Sometimes the clear answer is not so clean cut but murky and dim. You then ask yourself...
"How much will it take before I go kamikaze?"

What great variable will the universe place in your life to ensure your all out motivation to act? To take the most drastic measure that will eventually lead to your peace of mind. Whether that action is to stand, to fight, to die or to run.



Respect the G.

Respect is a very important thing to poor people.

I will say it again...

RESPECT is extremely fucking important to poor people.

Now for the explanation: There are two ways to have power in our modern society...one being money, the other being respect. This point alone should be enough of an explanation.

Now ask yourself again why so many poor people die in the street due to violence for seemingly no reason. That's extreme so let me water it down.

If someone puts work in for something and you respect the work, respect the person who did the work. Whether it is photography, music, fashion, slang, bits of wisdom, etc.

Respect the creation = respect the creator
(this is so deep on so many levels...stack 'em up)

Honor the creator of something you appreciate. It is only right.

*this comes to mind because I get personally annoyed when people try an front like you aren't worth mentioning all the while they are jackin your pictures, rhymes, style, quotes, an everything else ESPECIALLY if it is me.

To create from the mind is divine.

So respect the G in me (or him or her)

Nuff said...



"Nothing exists without your dreams." -Cassio
(click image to see full size)

"Baby baby baby, look to the sky. Seeking to find the third eye. Secrets of numbers, secrets of sounds. Secrets of wisdom will be found. Baby baby baby, look to the sky." -Roy Ayers

Third Eye

It is good to only surround yourself with people who inspire you....

Let the others pass...



Even the illest of thinkers...are only mad decent at best.

*1st thought
It seems that even the illest of thinkers may come against things they struggle to understand.

There is a quote by Jesus (the prophet not the tree hustler) that is one of those things that is perfect on paper and more difficult in practice:

"The world is only a bridge; cross it, build not thy house upon it."

I definitely feel him on this but then there is the pressure...
it comes from around us in this world and it is this pressure that makes it feel necessary to "build your house on the bridge". Group thought is a powerful phenomenon and social trends and paradigms are harder to break than some of us think. most of us adventurous types only break the surface on breaking free. Only the true outcast takes it the full way. It takes a certain level of dedication that makes others question your sanity.

*2nd thought
So what does it mean to want to be successful and what does it mean to want to be great?

Which one do you want for yourself?

Consider this: Success is what one can have on this world and in this time. Greatness is something one has in the next world and throughout time.

To me success is noteriety, wealth and other easily measurable identifiers. Greatness is something immeasurable from close distance...it always takes us more time to realize greatness. Greatness is something measured in lightyears and not minutes. Great is a star exploding and us being able to see it 12 billion years later. Success is achieving a goal or finishing some task that others deem worthy of the attribute "success". Great is an action that is usually recognized much later by those who realize how they have been affected by it. Greatness is a lump of coal that after much pressure, time, and being forgotten can reveal a diamond. I am not saying that these two things don't coincide but one is done for the purpose of reaching "the goal" and the other is done to "achieve the doing" (i think that makes sense) I know which I prefer and I know which feels more necessary to survival.

Which one should you want for yourself?

*interesting point: I wrote this hours before watching this flick Revolutionary Road. When I watched it I saw that it dealt exactly with what I'd just written about. (funny how that happens)*

-Tektite Illah



~from the Shadow project~
(click image for full size)

"Think of me very scientifically
Share your thoughts with me
Send them over land and see

They seep through walls
Echo down abandoned halls
Let me see your joy and fear

How can it be we never see
What we have until it's gone
Why is it so we never know
What we have until it's gone

The more I try, all the faster you'll slip by
So vaporize
Slide to me like liquid ice
I can see into your eyes" -Emiliana Torrini


until next time...



"It sounds fly in theory but it's hard to apply"

I had this conversation recently with a cat I met not too long ago at the beginning of a funny little experience that ended in me being unemployed (the bad). Out of this situation I learned things and met new friends (the good).

So Jamaal and eye were speakin on how to keep your focus on your goals when the winds are blowing against you (not literally). When things get too rough, sometimes, you can bear down into just "makin it" so hard that you can forget to sleep...you may forget to dream and then you forget to act. Your life force gets drained that way. So I ask myself "how is it that I let momentum slip from me? How did eye lose sight of my action?" I was once a lucid dreamer...but somehow, while still maintaining the dream, I have forgotten my ability to act within it. Have you felt or Do you feel like this?

Dude said something very real that I wanted to share.

He said:
"I am trying to keep the faith and keep the movement moving. I was talking with my girl last night and we were talking about why people don't follow their dreams or begin to follow them and stop. We came to the conclusion that it's because they stop pursuing when things become difficult. But if you can keep the movement moving, things will eventually fall into place." -Jamaal Cowan

some good advice for that dome...


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