Incorruptible Synchronization

The deceit begins as most things do, with a thought. However it becomes more complicated from here. It begins with the rejection of a known truth or the acceptance of it and the subsequent urge to make that undying truth untrue. This cannot be done. The truth cannot be destroyed or unmade. This is where deceit is born. This denial is then projected into the outer world in hopes of creating an unalike facsimile to the fact known internally. At this juncture it becomes a group effort. People who come into contact with deceit are equally at fault for its perpetual growth and habitation. If you tell me something untrue...it IS evident that it is untrue. I must, however, agree to the deceit and to ignore the facts. This is how "you lie to me".  One merely presents another with an argument that "this thing" is more favorable to believe than "that thing (truth)".  Both agree and continue on unless the truth is presented in an undeniable way. If so, the 2nd party claims to have been "lied to". I am not saying that you cannot lie to a person or fool someone...I'm just breaking it down to the basics. It is an agreement in which an informed party convinces an uninformed party of an unwise action.
The mind releases information to the body at such a rapid rate that it is many times hard to catch all of it before you begin to react to it. This means that what is on a person's mind will show in their actions, demeanor, and all sorts of other countless and almost uncontrollable ways. If one were observant enough, one could read these unspoken and unnoticed tell tales like a journal, for they expose all thought and emotion. This brings me to the point...you can only deceive yourself. It is up to everyone else to play your game or not. If you are telling fanciful tales and people are reading something else...they won't believe you- Even If You Believe Yourself. *Remember the lie began with you so you are always the first to believe it.
So that is the problem...

What we seek to achieve is incorruptible synchronization with the mind and the flesh. When your body gives away nothing that your mouth has not spoken or was not intended you have mastered yourself. Until then, never forget that your physical self is your secrets first enemy. If you deny the truths that your face confesses, you are playing with attempts to deceive. It is better to save face and admit.
This came to me today and is very relevant to my life right now and to yours.  It is always relevant and it means something that YOU have read this TODAY.  

~Take it with you on your path to a better self~



This Vision, as we are told by many seers and prophets of the time, was incapable of being set forth by "tongue of flesh" in its own proper terms, since it transcended the consciousness of normal humanity. Being in itself a living potent, intelligible reality, apart from all forms either material or intellectual in any way known to man, it pervaded his very being and made his whole nature respond to a new key of truth, or rather, vibrate in a higher octave so to say, where all things while remaining the same, received a new interpretation and intensity. 

The interpretation of this Vision, however, was conditioned by the "matter" of each seer; he it: was who had to clothe the naked beauty of the Truth -- as the Gnostic Marcus would have phrased it -- with the fairest: garment he himself possessed: the highest thoughts, the best science, the fairest traditions, the most grandiose imagination known to him. Thus it is that we have so many modes of expression among the mystics, so many varieties of spiritual experience -- not because the experience itself was "other;" the experience was the "same" for all -- but the describing of it was conditioned by the religious, philosophical, and scientific background of the seer.
This element, then, is the basic fact in all such apocalyptic vision. 

 Commentary on The Divine Pymander by GRS Mead http://altreligion.about.com/library/texts/bl_meadpymander.htm

You who follow the path of another lay your fate in the interpretation of another.  Your personal journey is then mapped out by someone who never was and never will be YOU. What does this mean for these beliefs that you did not develop yourself?


On Rhythm

"Everything flows out and in; everything has its tides; all things rise and fall; the pendulum-swing manifests in everything; the measure of the swing to the right, is the measure of the swing to the left; rhythm compensates" -- The Kybalion.

"There is always an action and reaction; an advance and a retreat; a rising and sinking; manifested in all of the airs and phenomena of the Universe. Suns, worlds, men, animals, plants, minerals, forces, energy, mind and matter, yes, even Spirit, manifests this Principle. The Principle manifests in the creation and destruction of worlds; in the rise and fall of nations in the life history of all things; and finally in the mental states of Man."


Speak softly...

When the shadows show and the cold wind blows...



WHATEVER:  In its slang form, it can be defined as an expression of tacit agreement, indifference, begrudging compliance or even a dismissal.
Isn't that what's wrong with society as a whole?  Tacit(implied) agreement?  Indifference?  Begrudging compliance?  Even hasty dismissal?

How often do you hear people say that to you?  If you hear it  as often as I do then you feel what I feel.  Maybe you don't though.  90% of the time someone says that to me its after I say something to them that is important enough for them to listen.  I detect a wall of pride go up and then I hear this worn out word spoken.  Usually afterward there is a change in the utterers demeanor and language.  So the signs are there.  We can establish that this is the usual case, in my experience.  What about yours?  I am sure that many people see what I see, as it isn't too difficult to deduce.

I see this phrase as being a reflection of the ills in our society at present.  I am sure that people from past generations would have said that it was a problem during their time as well.    I find it disturbing that so many carry that trait from childhood far into adulthood.  The man who can not listen cannot learn from hearing.  The man who can't read will not learn from written words.  The man who can not open himself to learning, can't learn at all.

At this point you will probably think of the most annoying group of people that you don't belong to and agree with me.  Look no further than yourself.  You have been raised in this same society and you, as well as I, suffer from the same ailment in some capacity.



Time + Information + Experience

It feels like everything...
but it is nothing.

The intrusion of illusions overpowering realization to the point that what we assume reality is often the fabricated fantasy of hopes for safety.

Pain is ever present and waiting, always conjoined with pleasure


Sum Shit of Life

There are points in it.
These that apply pressure
to numb the heart and stimulate the mind
constantly redefining your freedom
but there are never answers here
no answers...
no solutions on this soluble surface
of solitude and floating minds
tethered down together where emotions combine.
Would it be cowardice or courage to want out?
I find myself looking for an escape from my mindstate, my physical
then awake to a situation that seems much more critical.



3 things.

~Footprints in sand leave more impression than wise words in a fools ear.

~Nature makes room for change, destruction and birth while keeping the same essence. It would be wise of us to do the same...to seek the essence of things rather than the surface similarities.

~Things that were will not always be and things that are have already begun. Look to the horizon and meet the new sun.

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