Nazca Lines...

Looking for hidden messages in the sands of Peru
I stood between pivotal points on a line and looked up
When my focus reached the sky's zenith, I felt propelled through the stratosphere
to a place where there was no fear...
I saw myself in a thought within a dream
past present and future existing as one within the same bubble
I heard a voice speak to me from everywhere and nowhere
It said nothing
nothing that I could translate
but something that I could feel

This all happened in another reality
one some would call a dream
when I awoke I could feel something coming
something unseen
so I placed the experience in a box in my mind and put it away
none of this is real

I wrote to Digital and told him my thoughts about his beats and that we should do a project
he agreed because he and I were on the same wavelength speakin the same degrees
I began to recieve transmissions from Digital in the form of beats

Nazca Lines came to mind
so I began working...

It will be a meteor crashing into the surface of the planet...

here is a slight hint of what is coming...

Splatter Dagger Remix - D-Digital
...and for the uninitiated, the original.

Splatter Dagger - Maf Maddix

-Until next time...


The Battle of Shadows and Hawks

This is for the fellas:

You meet a girl...you are kinda diggin her and so you begin to talk to her...feel her out...see if she is diggin you etc etc etc.

This is where it gets tricky.

For every known guy trying to talk to this lady there are normally 2 unknowns. (here represented by 2x)

So if you = A and each guy you know of that is on the same path is represented by a consecutive letter then:

A + 0= 2x because you are one known

A + B= 4x

and so on...(with exceptions)

This is the battle of the shadows and hawks.  The shadows are for the unknowns and the paranoia that is fuckin with your head and the hawks are the ones who are really swooping in for u.  lol shit is funny to me but...

Sucks for you because I was never good at math so I tend to forget this formula most times and have an unrealistic or realistic(?) lack of urgency which generally works for me.  You win some, you lose some...it's almost all the same but SOMETIMES...The equation comes crashing back and I feel like im in the battle again.  Then I remember...that tomorrow is much like today for the next day and I just say...

-Fuck it

(i'm just talkin shit an there is probably little truth to it...right?)


Freedom is the rock AND the hard place

Yo I was buildin with my uncle the other day an he said something that I thought was ill. He said basically said that there are 2 types of freedom in the world: Freedom To... and Freedom From...

Even though it was a real basic conversation about things we do and don't have in the U.S., my mind of course started building upon this idea of the difference between the freedoms. I strung together several thoughts (as follows)

What is the Freedom To?
      -basically the freedom To do things...in America we have this kind of freedom.  We have all these freedoms To do things but thats part of what makes the U.S. bad.  That is also what makes the U.S. great.

What is Freedom From?
     -the freedom from is something that some people in other countries enjoy...the freedom from all of the bullshit we have to deal with in the U.S. due to all those freedoms.  It is what makes those countries great and also makes them bad.

Which, if either, is better?
     -you choose.

How does one choose?
     -you have always known your answer.

I concluded that every person aligns themselves and feels more comfortable with one of the 2 freedoms.  They stand by them and it causes them to be happy in their society or unhappy.

Coincidentally this uncle just lost his freedom again... But with the drugs...was he ever really free?

Think about that...


Ok I can account for my time lost.

I've gone through a lot in the period during my hiatus...before and after...

I said I would account for my time lapse so hear it is.

Before my lapse as I had mentioned...I lost my job and ended up having to move to Greenville as a result.  Shit has been mad tough here but through this experience I have been able to focus on things and see life more clear.  I went through a lot of personal hardships that only helped me to see the urgency in hunting my own personal victory again...renewing my spirit.

So in my hiatus I created a new website

(pic courtesy of Dread Mighty Sine at the Professional Amateur)

I have my album for sale up there...also some other artist website things so go to it...visit...support good hip hop. Do it for your kids lol.

I also obviously pressed up my album and got that out on the market.
(album design by Marcus Kiser)

I also jumped into gear on the social networking thing...trying to delve into that pond to make connections and such so get at me on:

I also got back on the horse and started performing again...it felt good to be on stage rocking the crowd again...Ive learned a lot over the years and I see where some things I have picked up can be put to use.  I come back stronger!

(photo by Meesh)

But most importantly, I remembered what was important to me...what was holding me back...what was no good for me..every so often you need to renew your mind...body and relinquish the old bonds you have carried from point A to B.  I got rid of rusty fuel tanks and strapped on new boosters...

-To my  future...and to yours.


White girls...why?


I'm in wal-mart last week after picking up my homeboy from work... I'm wearing some regular blue jeans and a grey hanes t-shirt...nothin crazy, just a regular fucking shirt.  My friend is wearing a red polo and khakis.

We are walking through the electronic section going towards the food section to pick up some Simply Lemonade.  When we are approached by two red faced, uneasy looking white girls.  They are wearing workout gear...hoodies an such.  So the bird in front of me begins to speak and the convo goes like this:

White bird:  Hey! uhm can I ask you something?

Me: (smiling) yea sure, what's up?

WB:  Do you know where the tall tees are? (nervous giggle)

Me: (silence) (face slowly fading from a smile to a frown)

WB:  (nervous giggles increase) (looks to her friend for support) (friend looks at me)

Me: Nah.(wtf face)

*this is where we begin to walk away*

As we leave the 2 girls are looking back embarassed and one says to the other "see, now they are laughing at us." My homie says "Why the FUCK do we have to know where the tall tees are!"  I respond, "Does Wal-mart even MAKE tall tees?  Does anyone still make tall tees?  To which my homie replies in a slightly lower voice"Actually, they do make them...I saw them while I was looking for V-necks once."

I tried to imagine something i could have said that was equally as offensive in response but I couldn't think of anything at the time...still can't actually.  What kind of stereotypical product do they sell in wal-mart that applies to white girls?  I have no fucking clue.




I hear people using the word "love" a lot when it comes to other people.  Most of the time I feel pretty certain that they are using it incorrectly.  I hear people ask "what is love?" or searching for it.  I see a lack of definition and therefore understanding of this concept.

I have my own theories...

Here is a brief and general breakdown of how I define this thing we call love...true love:

First I would say that there is only 1 true form of love.  Everything else we feel is varying degrees of "Like".  The ones we call "love" are the feelings that give off a feeling that aesthetically resembles true love.  Kind of like there is a diamondback rattle snake then there is another snake that looks just like a diamondback except it isnt...just an imitation.  Agreed?

Second I would say that Love is the closet thing to knowing The All (God/The Creator/Allah/The Universe etc...) I will use the term "The ALL" because it is the most descriptive of what this being/phenomenon would be.
I say this because...The ALL is everything and everything is in The ALL.  The ALL is 1 with everything that exists.* (this is key).  Agreed?

Third point is that since The ALL is everything...The ALL would never do something to you or anyone that The ALL wouldn't do to itself.  Why?  Well because since The ALL is 1 with you and everything...any bad or good that you experience is also an experience of The ALL.  Agreed?

Fourthly, Even with all of this in mind we can say and believe that The ALL loves it's creations.  Agreed?
"even the idea of "love" is a part of The ALL"

Fifth, people and animals and everything in the world is connected.  We are all 1.  I could explain but I think this concept is pretty simple.  Agreed?

Sixth...We do not see ourselves as 1...we see ourselves as individuals. But technically this is false...because how can we truly be separate if we are all one...or if we are all within The ALL and The ALL is 1 with everything.  I know you are probably doubting right now but stick with me.  Ok, it is a fact that reality is mostly perception of the mind projected outwardly.  What this means is that what we believe the world really is is not all true.  I may have lost some of you here but for the rest...Agreed?

So what is love?  Do unto others...

Think of a mother and her child...they are 1 and she knows it.  She can feel it.  (not counting the crazy ones) She would not do anything to her child that she wouldn't do to herself.  This is love.

When you cease to see someone as being separate from you and begin to see them as 1 with you...that is love.



I GOT SHOT...again

My friend Jasiatic shot me after I cut my hair over the last week.  I really enjoyed my time up in charlotte visiting family and friends.  Her work is great...check her out at:

Available at mafmaddix.com