Look around you

"When you control a man's thinking you do not have to worry about his actions.  You do not have to tell him not to stand here or go yonder.  He will find his 'proper place' and will stay in it.  You do not need to send him to the back door.  He will go without being told.  In fact, if there is no back door, he will cut one for his special benefit.  His education makes it necessary." -Carter R. Woodson

What does this mean for the freedom of choice you think you have? Look around... If everyone is supposedly different but most are doing the same things, doesn't that tend to suggest some sort of standardization of action and thought?

Find You and then Be You.  Do something different. Do You.

...with all of the wealth our society has attained we will be undone by our ignorances. trading in the pain for the mundane is a shame- the war is coming...the war is here


Heron marked jewels.

At the end of 360 degrees, Winter is a metaphor:  a term not only used to describe the season of ice, but the period of our lives through which we are travelling.  In our hearts we feel that spring is just around the corner:  a spring of brotherhood and united spirits among people of color.  Everyone is moving, searching.  There is a restlessness within our souls that keeps us questioning, discovering and struggling against a system that will not allow us time and space for fresh expression.  Western iceman have attempted to distort time.  Extra months on the calendar and daylight saved what was eastern standard.  We approach winter the most depressing period in the history of this industrial empire, with threats of oil shortages and energy crises.  But we, as Black People, have been a source of endless energy, endless beauty and endless determination.  I have many things to tell you about tommorrow's love and light.  We will see you in the spring. In the interest of national security, please help us carry out our constitutional duty to overthrow the king.

~Gil Scott-Heron



"To the untrained ear,some music may sound like the babble of noise.To an uneducated eye,a masterpiece of art may look like whimsical strokes of the painter's brush." -Paramahansa Yogananda

 Only a complex mind can enjoy, understand and appreciate ideas in whatever form they manifest. The simpleton is impressed with the simple things because they are simple. The higher level thinker may expose the complexities of something that others see as simple. Do not be fooled into thinking that anything means nothing. In reality everything has meaning, everything has both cause and effect. We must take responsibility and acknowledge this "simple" truth. At the same time, the complex thinker may feel bombarded with simple minds and their thinking. You must not let this disrupt your harmony. Even a complex mind may lack wisdom. The wise can appreciate what they see while understanding that others may not see the same. "The lips of wisdom are open only to the ears of understanding." Therefore, you can not force wisdom on another. Wisdom is every beings personal journey.

-The things that you enjoy reflect who you are in every way but maybe not in the way you think they do.-


Designated Hitters

If you are in the area you best be in the building.



Ichi to Ni

Seek to mine the potential and find it kinetic.

-I'm off to NYC to shoot this video. You can catch me performing live at Public Assembly in Brooklyn on Sat. April 17th.   Email me with any questions or comments. maf.maddix@gmail.com  (no spam or bullshit)


They come as they have gone before

Sometimes things seem not meant for birth but through determination we push them out only to discover that they were meant to come through pain of perseverance.
Then there are times when something just cannot be.  When even through the best effort and most profound inspiration it is halted by an unseen hand.  It simply does not fit the weave of the pattern that is existence.

-just some thoughts as I reflect over things that are and things that are not. 



Things as they are

~Some thoughts going into another year...

Time is an identifier for the measurement between events.  It does not exist as we believe it to exist.                   
I don't have much else of a point...other than this

We(all inclusive) fool ourselves into using time as a scapegoat for achievement.  As if we are dependant on it to achieve anything.  This is not the right step to take.  It must be understood that time as a measurement will exist.  This means that there will be a measurement of how long it took from beginning to finish.  However, that is determined by you. 

"Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional."  this rings true when people of various ages express various levels of maturity.  Maturity is something that can come with age but they are not the same. 

You will not find it until you truly seek it.  Time will measure how long it takes you to recognize this and how long to implement it.  No more, no less.

*another day marking another year between my first year and my last year.*


More is less.

"The things the worker buys with his wages are first of all consumer goods which enable him to survive, to reproduce his labor-power so as to be able to continue selling it; & they are spectacles, objects for passive admiration. He consumes & admires the products of human activity passively.

He does not exist in the world as an active agent who transforms it, but as a helpless, impotent spectator; he may call this state of powerless admiration "happiness," & since labor is painful, he may desire to be "happy," namely inactive, all his life (a condition similar to being born dead).

The commodities, the spectacles, consume him; he uses up living energy in passive admiration; he is consumed by things.

In this sense, the more he has, the less he is."

- Fredy Perlman, The Reproduction of Daily Life

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