I want this album. Help

It is rare that I can't get my hands on something but this is one of those times. 

Someone help a brotha out!


Don't Sleep On The 312

So anyone that reads my blog knows that I keep it real.  You also know that I don't do random publicity unless it is something that I am definitely willing to stand behind.  I do however present some sounds other than my own that I believe in. I'm about to put you on to someone I guarantee you are sleepin on right now.  My homie GRIFFEN has produced an album that is a definite must listen! (don't worry...ima tell you why straight an uncut)

"Add it up Einstein, you played the shit 9 times/ DJs without crates poison the pipelines/ My crime is havin a brain/ the shit that's gettin through ain't the only 4 songs that I wanna listen to." -Griffen (Remnants)

This album Purpill Paradise is a beast.  When I listed to it I was skeptical as always because I was hesitant if he could pull off what to me seemed like a lofty goal.  The homie Came THRU! 

Purpill Paradise is a collaboration of sorts with producer Bionix, Sade, and Prince!!!  23 tracks on the album that capture the 80's sounds of Prince and Sade perfectly.  Perfectly sampled and arranged so it feels flawless.  GRIFFEN's rhymes are on point nearly all the way through the album.  He makes you move like it was 1988 on the party tracks and when he tells a story...that is where he really shines.  Lyrics are relevant and fun, sharp and smooth.  You get all kinds of angles on this album.  Theme albums are often hit or miss.  With live appearances by emcees like Aceyalone this is a hit. A cohesive and   replay worthy album.  I guarantee it is something that both male and female hip hop listeners can appreciate. Check the dude out.  It won't hurt to peep it..



Thoughts and Questions...

Do what u feel u need to do.
Do what u need to feel what u do.
Do u want to feel what u do?
Do u feel a need to do what u do?
Feel what u need to do what u do.
Do what u do to feel what u want.
U need to feel what u do.   
What do u feel u need to do?



The Mt. Olympus of Rap

I was having a convo with a colleague of mine, Manov War, the other day and he was expressing his feelings of expectation and hope about New York school of hip hop regaining prominence through the direction of a few key players dropping overwhelmingly better material than their currently major exposure counterparts from other schools (namely, southern rappers).  When you consider the work of these individuals and the dynamic of Hip Hop today it runs like this:

Gods were established/discovered in the 90's.  These gods decended to earth and revealed or claimed their existence and dominance to the world or mortals.  The gods fell silent in the age of man.  mortal emcees who's work perishes in their own lifetime took the spotlight.  However, every so often a god returns to show us that it is still here.

No matter how you feel about Raekwon, Jay-z, Prodigy, Nas, Ghostface, etc's..album.  whether you think the album isn't as good as their 1st or 2nd or whatever...you cannot deny that their albums are of a higher lyrical quality than that of your run of the mill bullshit rapper...more refined skill than your dummyhead NYmixtape/ringtone/club music/dopeboy rapper or pseudo-rapsinger.



Be Clear...

You ever wanna write about something and realize that it is such a complex subject with so many important and intricate details that you can't even begin to take it on? That is how I feel sometimes.  Some things need a book or a volume of books to explain.  Too big for blogs you know? With that said...I will drop the thought seed on you to think about.

Just because you are a nice person...

...does not mean you are a good person.

"It takes a little more to be a champion."



Take your Medicine

There is a movie I used to like when I was a kid by the name of Young Guns II.  In the movie there is a teenage bandit who starts running with Billie "The Kid"'s gang and there is a posse hot on their trails.  Eventually, Billie and his gang make a narrow escape through the New Mexico countryside and in the process this young bandit is shot.  He lays on the ground bleeding as hired killer Pat Garrett and his posse approach.  They discover that it was this young teen they had shot instead of Billie "The Kid".  As they stood over the young cowboy and he took his final breaths, Pat Garrett's 2nd in command says "Take your medicine, kid."  

In life we all have hard decisions to make.  The universe does not stop to wait for us to agree with its progression, it just moves.  So here is the thing...you know when you are in one of those situations where you know you shoulda went right instead of going left?  Or one of those situations where you have a hard decision that you procrastinate on making until the last moment?  Those are "Take Your Medicine" situations.  Those are the moments when you have to just suck it up and take what comes and accept responsibility for your own mistakes. Those are the situations where if you just suck it up and acknowledge what really happened, you stand to learn a lot from them and be better off later.

I sometimes get myself in those situations...it sucks when you realize it...even worse when the decision is made for you and you are stuck feeling forced into or out of something.
Take your fucking medicine!  


 ~peaces & pickups

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