Baby, Don't Sleep.

Walking through a field on her journey home,
she fell asleep amongst the flowers;
the sweet scent of her surroundings intoxicating her.
She laid down to enjoy the moment.
A moment of pleasure where what she loathed seemed so far behind,
Her dreams lay just ahead and what she wanted was all around.
She laid down and she fell asleep.
She slept with the idea that nothing would change
as time passed and her feet ceased to move forward.
But time would pass because no thing ever lasts...
And she would awake to find that what she loathed had caught her,
what she had dreamt of was far beyond sight and
what she wanted she could not have.
Her field of dreams and satisfaction had become the stage of her downfall.

There is a moral


  1. there IS a moral.

  2. Something we all need to be reminded of every so often. I will keep this one close.


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