I have never heard a secret big enough to keep but small enough to be nothing. In my experience secrets walk arm and arm with lies that mask another secret. At the core of these secrets is a truth about a person or thing that is being hidden. A truth that one does not want to believe or does not want anyone to know.

Secrets rise up the chain of size and power in the world. We as members of groups, societies, religions etc like to point fingers at those who rule us because we know of their secrets or because we believe they have them. These entities are merely reflections of our current status...projections of ourselves into the world. They commit no more evil than we ourselves do. The difference is size. While we may do harm to one person or deceive one person at a time, they do the same to hundreds...thousands and so on.  So before you look into the secrets of those above you look at your own doings.

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