don't get left behind...

I read somewhere that the way people date is changing because of the economy, shifting gender roles and social norms among other things. More people are going dutch, engaging in premarital sex and cohabiting without the legal and religious union we call marriage. Along with these changes come the need for people to update their way of thinking, expectations, and their analzation of the current social climate.

The various social movements of the 20th century created the possibility for an aesthetically equal playing field. Even though society is not truly as equal as it seems, certain expectations have changed.
This relates to all groups of people. It is important to look at where the world is trying to go rather than where it has been because the future comes fast and within the cycle today will come again.

The only way to succeed in our ever accelerating society is to live as if today is today...even better, treat today like tomorrow. If you live in yesterday you will get left behind.

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