Nazca Lines...

Looking for hidden messages in the sands of Peru
I stood between pivotal points on a line and looked up
When my focus reached the sky's zenith, I felt propelled through the stratosphere
to a place where there was no fear...
I saw myself in a thought within a dream
past present and future existing as one within the same bubble
I heard a voice speak to me from everywhere and nowhere
It said nothing
nothing that I could translate
but something that I could feel

This all happened in another reality
one some would call a dream
when I awoke I could feel something coming
something unseen
so I placed the experience in a box in my mind and put it away
none of this is real

I wrote to Digital and told him my thoughts about his beats and that we should do a project
he agreed because he and I were on the same wavelength speakin the same degrees
I began to recieve transmissions from Digital in the form of beats

Nazca Lines came to mind
so I began working...

It will be a meteor crashing into the surface of the planet...

here is a slight hint of what is coming...

Splatter Dagger Remix - D-Digital
...and for the uninitiated, the original.

Splatter Dagger - Maf Maddix

-Until next time...


  1. Hello Maf.
    I am a first time reader as of today and I've got to say
    I am quite a fan of you, man
    you, HUMAN
    I like the way you express your thought
    telling folks the way it is
    and tellin folks the way its not

    But all jokes and rhymes aside,
    allow me to be a bit more polite,
    would I be able to purchase your album from you the old fashioned way? Snail mail style?
    If you could let me know soon, I'd sure appreciate it. By the way, my name's Kyle.

  2. Peace, Kyle

    You can email me at Maf.Maddix@gmail.com for more details on how to purchase the album.


Available at mafmaddix.com