I hear people using the word "love" a lot when it comes to other people.  Most of the time I feel pretty certain that they are using it incorrectly.  I hear people ask "what is love?" or searching for it.  I see a lack of definition and therefore understanding of this concept.

I have my own theories...

Here is a brief and general breakdown of how I define this thing we call love...true love:

First I would say that there is only 1 true form of love.  Everything else we feel is varying degrees of "Like".  The ones we call "love" are the feelings that give off a feeling that aesthetically resembles true love.  Kind of like there is a diamondback rattle snake then there is another snake that looks just like a diamondback except it isnt...just an imitation.  Agreed?

Second I would say that Love is the closet thing to knowing The All (God/The Creator/Allah/The Universe etc...) I will use the term "The ALL" because it is the most descriptive of what this being/phenomenon would be.
I say this because...The ALL is everything and everything is in The ALL.  The ALL is 1 with everything that exists.* (this is key).  Agreed?

Third point is that since The ALL is everything...The ALL would never do something to you or anyone that The ALL wouldn't do to itself.  Why?  Well because since The ALL is 1 with you and everything...any bad or good that you experience is also an experience of The ALL.  Agreed?

Fourthly, Even with all of this in mind we can say and believe that The ALL loves it's creations.  Agreed?
"even the idea of "love" is a part of The ALL"

Fifth, people and animals and everything in the world is connected.  We are all 1.  I could explain but I think this concept is pretty simple.  Agreed?

Sixth...We do not see ourselves as 1...we see ourselves as individuals. But technically this is false...because how can we truly be separate if we are all one...or if we are all within The ALL and The ALL is 1 with everything.  I know you are probably doubting right now but stick with me.  Ok, it is a fact that reality is mostly perception of the mind projected outwardly.  What this means is that what we believe the world really is is not all true.  I may have lost some of you here but for the rest...Agreed?

So what is love?  Do unto others...

Think of a mother and her child...they are 1 and she knows it.  She can feel it.  (not counting the crazy ones) She would not do anything to her child that she wouldn't do to herself.  This is love.

When you cease to see someone as being separate from you and begin to see them as 1 with you...that is love.



  1. Agreed and well written. Very Christianesque (which I'm sure you were not going for) but it leads me to think of my favorite Bible verse 1 Corinthians 13:4-11 (though I enjoy the whole chapter). I believe this description of love is the basis to the golden rule and thus a guideline on how to treat ourselves. Finally, God is love, so well done to make that connection. I think the next step is to apply love to our lives so we can better handle others, but that is another topic for another day...

  2. I think this is the best description of love i've read so far. Universal. love it.

  3. I disagree. In fact, seeing myself as "one" with somebody else is the most revolting thing I've ever heard of. Truly.

    Twitter: cbnochi

  4. Comeon Maf, think a little outside the box, yea?

    I'd like to question your assumption of love from your own perspective. What is love from your subjective embodiment, the only worthy evidence you may have of 'knowing'?

    You've never seen through the eyes of the ALL, animal, or mother. Unless you chalk up your connection to the All as just as much an authentic perspective as everyone else you claim as having the wrong idea... There is no right or wrong. Its all preference and playground.

  5. Hmm... Callie...I never claimed to have seen through eyes other than my own. I also introduced my idea as a theory. I chose this theory because I disagree with others I have heard. Lastly, if we all chalked everything up to mere perspective and never tried to arrive at a central truth...if we relegated all ideas to simple opinion and gave them all equal weight no matter how ridiculous some are and how logical others are we would never develop knowledge. In our reality some things are truer than others...and it totally depends on how well they explain. How effective they are, etc.

    I am not quite sure what parts you hold disagreement with, as you didn't voice your personal stance. So I cannot compare and contrast theories but only defend my right and ability to see my own theory as making more sense to me.

    However, most people do not even have a theory on what love is and describe it in a jumbled and often contradictory fashion.

    I disagree with that way of thinking...or not thinking.

    Thanks for the comment tho...we need opposition to build.


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