The Battle of Shadows and Hawks

This is for the fellas:

You meet a girl...you are kinda diggin her and so you begin to talk to her...feel her out...see if she is diggin you etc etc etc.

This is where it gets tricky.

For every known guy trying to talk to this lady there are normally 2 unknowns. (here represented by 2x)

So if you = A and each guy you know of that is on the same path is represented by a consecutive letter then:

A + 0= 2x because you are one known

A + B= 4x

and so on...(with exceptions)

This is the battle of the shadows and hawks.  The shadows are for the unknowns and the paranoia that is fuckin with your head and the hawks are the ones who are really swooping in for u.  lol shit is funny to me but...

Sucks for you because I was never good at math so I tend to forget this formula most times and have an unrealistic or realistic(?) lack of urgency which generally works for me.  You win some, you lose some...it's almost all the same but SOMETIMES...The equation comes crashing back and I feel like im in the battle again.  Then I remember...that tomorrow is much like today for the next day and I just say...

-Fuck it

(i'm just talkin shit an there is probably little truth to it...right?)

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  1. that's deep, son? lol. i guess i'm not the only one that finds himself excessively pondering randomness.


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