Freedom is the rock AND the hard place

Yo I was buildin with my uncle the other day an he said something that I thought was ill. He said basically said that there are 2 types of freedom in the world: Freedom To... and Freedom From...

Even though it was a real basic conversation about things we do and don't have in the U.S., my mind of course started building upon this idea of the difference between the freedoms. I strung together several thoughts (as follows)

What is the Freedom To?
      -basically the freedom To do things...in America we have this kind of freedom.  We have all these freedoms To do things but thats part of what makes the U.S. bad.  That is also what makes the U.S. great.

What is Freedom From?
     -the freedom from is something that some people in other countries enjoy...the freedom from all of the bullshit we have to deal with in the U.S. due to all those freedoms.  It is what makes those countries great and also makes them bad.

Which, if either, is better?
     -you choose.

How does one choose?
     -you have always known your answer.

I concluded that every person aligns themselves and feels more comfortable with one of the 2 freedoms.  They stand by them and it causes them to be happy in their society or unhappy.

Coincidentally this uncle just lost his freedom again... But with the drugs...was he ever really free?

Think about that...

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  1. i love this post, sir. i'm a big advocate of freedom from. freedom from fear, freedom from lies, freedom from all kinds of nonsense.
    people quote jesus when he said that "the truth will set you free". he was talking about freedom from. not that when you know the truth you are free to DO whatever, but when you know the truth you are free from enslavement to lies, fear, and dependency on non-realities.. and that kind of freedom would benefit all of us so much.
    "freedom from" grants certain "freedom to" (inalienable rights the constitution says we were given by our Creator) but "freedom to" does not get you "freedom from".


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