White girls...why?


I'm in wal-mart last week after picking up my homeboy from work... I'm wearing some regular blue jeans and a grey hanes t-shirt...nothin crazy, just a regular fucking shirt.  My friend is wearing a red polo and khakis.

We are walking through the electronic section going towards the food section to pick up some Simply Lemonade.  When we are approached by two red faced, uneasy looking white girls.  They are wearing workout gear...hoodies an such.  So the bird in front of me begins to speak and the convo goes like this:

White bird:  Hey! uhm can I ask you something?

Me: (smiling) yea sure, what's up?

WB:  Do you know where the tall tees are? (nervous giggle)

Me: (silence) (face slowly fading from a smile to a frown)

WB:  (nervous giggles increase) (looks to her friend for support) (friend looks at me)

Me: Nah.(wtf face)

*this is where we begin to walk away*

As we leave the 2 girls are looking back embarassed and one says to the other "see, now they are laughing at us." My homie says "Why the FUCK do we have to know where the tall tees are!"  I respond, "Does Wal-mart even MAKE tall tees?  Does anyone still make tall tees?  To which my homie replies in a slightly lower voice"Actually, they do make them...I saw them while I was looking for V-necks once."

I tried to imagine something i could have said that was equally as offensive in response but I couldn't think of anything at the time...still can't actually.  What kind of stereotypical product do they sell in wal-mart that applies to white girls?  I have no fucking clue.



  1. some article of clothing that insinuates they had big asses would have done the trick...plus the location of the diet coke aisle. very hard to insult white girls...they're almost immune to it.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion...i have realized that they are hard to hit wit the racial insults.

  3. you coulda told them they were next to the hannah montana section or something

  4. i dont think they were really being offensive...they def did sterotype you and they were def dumb as hell because you do not work there. but, if it were me (and i am black) and you did work there i would ask you as opposed to asking a white dude that worked there. also, if for some reason u needed tanning lotion u might be more apt to ask a white person where it is versus a black person. or maybe not idk but i dont think they were trying to be rude. i think they were just more stupid than anything.

  5. you should've asked them where the vagisil was...white girls always have yeast infections

  6. "does anyone still make tall tees?"
    i haven't seen one since like 06. LMAO.

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