Unconscous Conspiracy

I used to believe in one conspiracy or another.  Illuminati, Government, "The Man", Religion, etc.  Now I believe in something I call the "Unconscious Conspiracy".  This is something that I think is far greater and much more realistic than any one conspiracy. I think that everyone is involved in the destruction of humanity.  I believe that humans are inevitably destructive because destruction is an intregal part of life, without which there is no creation. I now think that everyone either thinks they know the answer and is somehow wrong, they don't know and don't care, or they seek destruction.  I think that that pretty much covers everyone who has ever existed.  I think some of us form secret societies and some of us rally in public for causes we deem worthy.  Some of us eat meat and some veggies but we are all engrossed in destructive acts that also breed a certain progressiveness. Maybe what we are progressing towards is something that we would wish we were not but progress takes no sides.


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