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I was sitting here laughing my ass off to this Aziz Ansari comedy special and a thought came into my consciousness.  It deals with God or whatever you call it.  I wouldn't mind hearing your thoughts on this as well. 

There is a widely accepted idea that one should/does/can love God.  But it just occurred to me that one can never understand the nature of God.  How then would it be possible to love God?  I mean in my thought process, if you do not have a thorough understanding of something wouldn't you just love a figment of your imagination?  Not saying that God is not real...but the "God" that exists in your mind is a figment.  I mean nobody is walking around talking about how much they love Dark Matter. 

It would seem that the greatest thing a person can know in life is themself and the greatest thing you can love is yourself.  That is something I don't think most of us truly achieve.


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  1. Where love exists so does God. God is in us, therefore if you love yourself you love God....and dark matter too. But darkness is in us also and when we reject it (darkness) that brings us closer to love-light-God and utimately ourselves.


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