Sideline Mentality

Some women out there find themselves in a reoccuring predicament...They wonder to themselves and others why they meet so many guys that are "taken"  or why the only guys that hit on them are guys who are already involved.  Well, I was thinking about it and I wanted to spit my opinion about it. 
 *Disclaimer: I may offend someone and you may disagree but that's life.*

I honestly think that some women out there have a sideline mentality.  Maybe it comes from a skewed sense of self in which they feel validated by something that actually only diminishes their sense of self.  Kind of like a person who mistakes sex for love.  They mistake the subtle lust of a taken man for the true want.  They usually discover that 1 of 2 things happens: either they get ran through and that's the end of story or they somehow overthrow his primary interest and carry on an unfulfilled and, most of the time, short lived love affair.  I am not suggesting that there are not exceptions to this...but yea, you know the deal.  I am aware that many young women may disagree on my point that the love affair is unfulfillable but I would ask what the opinions are like when these women are 40 and on CBS complaining b/c they still aren't married and have no prospects.  Well maybe, like many young men, the time and energy was spent in the wrong places...
I say this because I've recognized that there are 2 types of women and they conduct themselves in 2 entirely different manners and get 2 different results from guys.  I wonder why that is? (sarcasm)

Oh well, carry on.  Continue doing you...continue sabotaging good relationships because your idea of love and desire is somewhat faulty and/or immature. 



  1. Very well put, like Common said "you never find a man until you find yourself."

  2. Word. Cuz if you do what you always did...you get what you always got. I have no respect for chicks that don't get their own, but also pity that they can't see how stupid they are being. Even if they don't get run through, and even if they don't cheat on you too, you've upset an existing situation and you're now with someone of the utmost low character. Wait until the divorce is final, then holla.


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