Time Is Of The/No Essence

Special Edition Post:
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"The fabricated mind relies on time to survive itself.
Transitory phases of many points passing unrealized
through a line of existence until a moment of clarity.
Yes, this is a ray.
It shines projected in one direction
from the source of inspiration towards your soiled self
promoting growth and death simultaneously.
We sit watching this event speaking the false words of time
when the light has always been, just not where we were then
but where we are now.
Where we were waiting for yesterday.
We find comfort in time claiming patience and meticulousness
when what we really seek is one more moment in bed before we rise.
Wake up!
Your life has arisen before you
...and it will set before you know it."

I thought these words...willed them into your mind but I could not will them into your heart. It seems that when the astronaut lets go he realizes that he is as likely to fly as to fall. I thought these things and tried to will them into my life.

and then I received an email from my friend Hanna, who was responding to an email I had sent earlier containing a song I like and some lyrics. That song was "Tensioning" by Sparta. She replied with thanks for the song and a poem she had written back in January. I read it and thought...

"Always waiting for my life to start
Tomorrow never comes to an impatient me
Contemplating on my next mark
not knowing that time is here
Debilitated by my own restrictions
that I condemn so much on every other occasion
Creating a world imprisoning on an
otherwise less imprisoned self
The answers to the questions I seek to not exist
and I am wasting it away on
my opportunity to live."

I thought... "my sentiments exactly."



  1. *inspired* more ways than one..

  2. When you said this yesterday, it gave me a completely different outlook. Thank you.


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