Lackluster business

I gotta say that I agree wholeheartedly with what my homies Red an Meth are sayin over there. Tighten up on that greed bullshit.



  1. i get what hes saying but i dont feel sorry at all for these men (or in those rare cases women) who end up getting bitten in the ass. theres a way to prevent this and if you refuse to do so or refuse to acknowledge the possibility, oh well! the same way its hard for me to feel "sorry" for people who smoke cigarettes and then surprise! get cancer, its hard for me to feel sorry for people who dont take relatively easy steps to protect themselves. im not saying your whole life should be spent taking the "cautious" route but as many times as we've seen this happen to people, celebrity or otherwise .. people should know being used for money is very, very likely. it sucks, people shouldnt have to do it, but if you have a lick of common sense, you do anyway. most women know better than to walk down down dark streets by themselves at night, or to go home with a stranger from the bar. should i have to walk around planning my routes and schedules based on whats best for avoiding danger? no, but i do it anyway because this is the reality. lol yadda yadda. these fools need to get with the program.

  2. Hahaha...you know what? You are right. Dude shoulda got that break up pocket protection. But DAMN...that's a lot of money. She went for the throat on that one. When I originally watched this I was only thinking about it from the aspect of greed and underhandedness...not from the angle of foolish and naivety. Thanks for the input, sis.

  3. lol! i responded to your comment on my blog, if you wanna read. but trust me, i definitely wasn't saying that these women are robin hoods.


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