The Key To Relationships

There is a key to building a relationship. This key applies especially to those in the position of power and leadership ie: parents, government, employers. As we all know, every goal comes with responsibility. When it is your goal to create a relationship with someone, especially a subordinate, there is one thing that can make or break that relationship. You must value that person. By this I mean, you must value them as they value themselves. You can not place the weight of value on things that they do not themselves put weight on. If you do this, they will cease to value you/never begin to value you and you will have a disfunctional relationship.

This is especially important for family. If you are a parent you must figure out what things interest your child, what things do they find self worth through, what things do they value in themselves and their goals. You must then LEARN to value these things in them. It does not mean you have to like the things or get into it or become an authority on them. You must just express the fact that you recognize and value your childs achievements in an area that they value.

If you do this you will show the other person that you recognize, respect and value in them and their life what they recognize as important to them. When done they will in turn feel respected and valued and will put forth their best effort for you and towards you (normally). Sometimes, however, there is a person who is just on some other shit and they won't return the favor. Let them fall to the wayside...

...building mad decent relationships

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