An introduction:
A few years ago I met a photographer named Adachi and as we began to get to know each other and grow close, she taught me about photography. Nothing extensive, just a few basic ideas. But more importantly, she sparked an interest in me that had always been there but never had a platform to jump from. She is one of those people you encounter that helps to bring forth change in your life. Since meeting her I have met so many photographers, all very talented. I have watched and participated in their work (mostly watched and gave back seat driver opinions). I finally convinced one to let me borrow her camera so I could play photographer. I have been pretty stressed lately with life and the recent continual setbacks and I tend to need extensive creative outlets to keep myself out of depression nahmean? Let me give a shout to my homie Moire Flux for lending me her camera an all for this project. I don't consider myself a photographer just like I don't consider some random muhfucka rhymin an emcee or some cat doin a windmill a bboy. I just wanted to express myself in a new way...

I'm going to make a few posts to show my work. I hope that the ideas and feelings I envisioned are conveyed accurately. This is just a preview of more to come...an introduction if you will. Enjoy and peace.
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