Entry For The Uninitiated


What can I say about my blog other than it's late and it's mad decent? Not much...

I'm gonna post many things at fairly regular intervals like songs or artists, ideas, etc that I think are mad decent. However, primarily this lil' thing I got goin on here is to help me let people know about the shit I am working on. Just a small way to make some noise. I hope you think it is mad decent or better...if you think it's worse than decent you can tell me about that too. I don't really care.


BTW today is my mother's bornday. Happy Born mom.


  1. I love the tracks! I love your flow and style. (But you already knew I was a fan) I am in love with 8,9, and 12! And I'm glad I can hear #8 anytime I want now ;^) I still want these on my ipod! YOU are an ILL emcee. Keep doin what you do.

  2. The blog is more than mad decent fam. Honestly, reading your post keep me grounded and feed my sanity. Keep touching on those deep truths. These coals will become diamonds in due time. Keep rockin family. peace

    -Stephen Jones


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