People live life as if they are jumping from one building to another.  It takes them so long to actually move forward because they are afraid of the time in between having their feet on the ground.

People's tastes are this way as well...people tend to be afraid to pursue something they like because they are afraid of stepping out there and maybe doin somethin different.

Similitude feels so safe...

Get out there and pursue things you like once you have been put on to it.  What are you waiting for?

I always let people hear music and it is funny to me how the ones who generally listen to commercial shit talk about how it's dumb and how they don't listen to anything but the beat.  I let them hear some real shit and they love it BUT...they never go get it for themselves...I have to keep feeding it to them and this goes for every genre.

Why is that?

all the answers I can think of just sound like excuses.  Get into that shit you thought was ill when you heard/saw it.

[with that being said]


~Get it in.

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  1. this is sad but true (i sometimes fall victim)... it's because we don't like being spoonfed dumb $#@!, but we like being spoonfed. when we have to dig, we get frustrated - we want someone to spoonfeed us that good $#@!.


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