Take your Medicine

There is a movie I used to like when I was a kid by the name of Young Guns II.  In the movie there is a teenage bandit who starts running with Billie "The Kid"'s gang and there is a posse hot on their trails.  Eventually, Billie and his gang make a narrow escape through the New Mexico countryside and in the process this young bandit is shot.  He lays on the ground bleeding as hired killer Pat Garrett and his posse approach.  They discover that it was this young teen they had shot instead of Billie "The Kid".  As they stood over the young cowboy and he took his final breaths, Pat Garrett's 2nd in command says "Take your medicine, kid."  

In life we all have hard decisions to make.  The universe does not stop to wait for us to agree with its progression, it just moves.  So here is the thing...you know when you are in one of those situations where you know you shoulda went right instead of going left?  Or one of those situations where you have a hard decision that you procrastinate on making until the last moment?  Those are "Take Your Medicine" situations.  Those are the moments when you have to just suck it up and take what comes and accept responsibility for your own mistakes. Those are the situations where if you just suck it up and acknowledge what really happened, you stand to learn a lot from them and be better off later.

I sometimes get myself in those situations...it sucks when you realize it...even worse when the decision is made for you and you are stuck feeling forced into or out of something.
Take your fucking medicine!  


 ~peaces & pickups


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