Don't Sleep On The 312

So anyone that reads my blog knows that I keep it real.  You also know that I don't do random publicity unless it is something that I am definitely willing to stand behind.  I do however present some sounds other than my own that I believe in. I'm about to put you on to someone I guarantee you are sleepin on right now.  My homie GRIFFEN has produced an album that is a definite must listen! (don't worry...ima tell you why straight an uncut)

"Add it up Einstein, you played the shit 9 times/ DJs without crates poison the pipelines/ My crime is havin a brain/ the shit that's gettin through ain't the only 4 songs that I wanna listen to." -Griffen (Remnants)

This album Purpill Paradise is a beast.  When I listed to it I was skeptical as always because I was hesitant if he could pull off what to me seemed like a lofty goal.  The homie Came THRU! 

Purpill Paradise is a collaboration of sorts with producer Bionix, Sade, and Prince!!!  23 tracks on the album that capture the 80's sounds of Prince and Sade perfectly.  Perfectly sampled and arranged so it feels flawless.  GRIFFEN's rhymes are on point nearly all the way through the album.  He makes you move like it was 1988 on the party tracks and when he tells a story...that is where he really shines.  Lyrics are relevant and fun, sharp and smooth.  You get all kinds of angles on this album.  Theme albums are often hit or miss.  With live appearances by emcees like Aceyalone this is a hit. A cohesive and   replay worthy album.  I guarantee it is something that both male and female hip hop listeners can appreciate. Check the dude out.  It won't hurt to peep it..


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