Most people probably come to this site to read the words from the mind of Maf Maddix and not because they are necessarily fans of my music.  In fact, if you do come to the site on the strength of my music you were probably disappointed or at least a bit surprised to find it not really about my music or hip hop period.   It's all good right?  Every so often I do come to yall with some music related Maf Maddix shit.  You can call it news or whatever...I just call it an update. 

In the new year I teamed up with my long time homie, Luse Kanz, and we have been doin shows heavily on the East Coast.  Mostly focused in our home state of NC but we also have been and will be hitting other areas like NYC and ATL.  We started like a fist hittin the streets hard and we are opening and expanding ourselves to grasp much more around us now.  It's been a long time coming.and I have met many "important" people along the way that will hopefully be able to play a role in the rise of N'DangR Species, Luse Kanz and Maf Maddix.

On the flipside, I have been working hard with my electronic music production and I am looking to expand and achieve certain goals with that as well.  I tend to play that closer to the chest so for now that is all I have to say. 

I have recently participated in a few mixtapes including a Japanese release that I will have more information about soon as well as Eddie Free's Mad City 2010 project that you can catch on Itunes.  I suggest you check for that not just because it is dope and I'm on it, but also because it is for www.KeepAChildAlive.org.  Alicia Keys is the official ambassador for this organization which provides medications for children in Africa and India living with HIV/AIDS.  check it out at www.madcity2010.com

I am working on a solo mixtape and shopping my current project for label/distribution so that will drop whenever everything is finalized.  Stay tuned. You can preview a couple tracks here.


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  1. This is a good look yo. Positive causes and progressing in this confusing and conflicted world. Kudos.


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