WHATEVER:  In its slang form, it can be defined as an expression of tacit agreement, indifference, begrudging compliance or even a dismissal.
Isn't that what's wrong with society as a whole?  Tacit(implied) agreement?  Indifference?  Begrudging compliance?  Even hasty dismissal?

How often do you hear people say that to you?  If you hear it  as often as I do then you feel what I feel.  Maybe you don't though.  90% of the time someone says that to me its after I say something to them that is important enough for them to listen.  I detect a wall of pride go up and then I hear this worn out word spoken.  Usually afterward there is a change in the utterers demeanor and language.  So the signs are there.  We can establish that this is the usual case, in my experience.  What about yours?  I am sure that many people see what I see, as it isn't too difficult to deduce.

I see this phrase as being a reflection of the ills in our society at present.  I am sure that people from past generations would have said that it was a problem during their time as well.    I find it disturbing that so many carry that trait from childhood far into adulthood.  The man who can not listen cannot learn from hearing.  The man who can't read will not learn from written words.  The man who can not open himself to learning, can't learn at all.

At this point you will probably think of the most annoying group of people that you don't belong to and agree with me.  Look no further than yourself.  You have been raised in this same society and you, as well as I, suffer from the same ailment in some capacity.


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