Things as they are

~Some thoughts going into another year...

Time is an identifier for the measurement between events.  It does not exist as we believe it to exist.                   
I don't have much else of a point...other than this

We(all inclusive) fool ourselves into using time as a scapegoat for achievement.  As if we are dependant on it to achieve anything.  This is not the right step to take.  It must be understood that time as a measurement will exist.  This means that there will be a measurement of how long it took from beginning to finish.  However, that is determined by you. 

"Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional."  this rings true when people of various ages express various levels of maturity.  Maturity is something that can come with age but they are not the same. 

You will not find it until you truly seek it.  Time will measure how long it takes you to recognize this and how long to implement it.  No more, no less.

*another day marking another year between my first year and my last year.*

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