Words not to live by

Main Entry: driven

(People are sheep...cattle...etc.)

Function: adjective

Date: 1925

1 : having a compulsive or urgent quality driven sense of obligation
2 : propelled or motivated by something —used in combination;driven by the group decision;
Synonyms:  motivated, impelled, compulsive, obsessed, compelled, consumed, galvanized, possesed, monomaniacal, herded, pushed, guided, steered, directed, induced, urged on, forced, ambitious.

-I think many of us can agree that society praises some characteristics that are not necessarily positive. "Driven" is one of those characteristics. It is often praised in popular culture as something that YOU need. I am not convinced that this is so good. I mean, when you are dealing with only personal goal accomplishment, no question. But, even steroids has its uses...the side effects are the problem. I'm not all the way against it. Some might even describe me as "driven"...others, maybe not.  I just wanted to call your attention to how things we take for granted can be slipped by the gates of thought.

*In case you did not figure it out, the 1st definition of "driven" is the one you want to be...not the 2nd.
Keep those eyes and ears wide open.  True control is shrouded

1 comment:

  1. Being driven is a complex thing and some times it blends in with other states of being like mania and compulsions. I do believe that there is a certain level of greatest that can not be achieved without being driven, now having said that I also think that achieving this "greatness" can have severe side effects. Very few earth-shakers live well balanced lives...but I also think that believing in reincarnation helps.


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