Fukda Future

The Problem with foretelling and foresight is:

-the human mind works from experience piecing 1st and 2nd hand experiences together to create understanding of the present.

-without experience, how can you expect to understand the future?

So knowing the future is kind of like reading the ending to a book you haven't read. While you may know who dies and who gets the girl but you don't know who "who" is, nor do you understand the purpose of the events you just read. You essentially would have to figure out the meaning of the future that you envisioned every time. Therefore it is still possible to get it wrong.

In conclusion...you may see the future but you DON'T KNOW SHIT.

I bet that superpower is more trouble than it's worth.

think about that...

(it's 3am and i'm unemployed...this is what i'm thinking about? Superheroes and their problems)


  1. lol never thought about it this way.

  2. i wish i would have known what was behind the door before I opened it


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